Language Matters - 2016 in Review

In my mind, there were two major communications themes that highlighted (or lowlighted, as the case may be) 2016: one, we saw battle lines being drawn over what's been…Read more

Full Disclosure: Integrity in Writing

Content can be great. Context will always make it better.

I've been in this game a while and one of the biggest questions that businesses, politicians,…Read more

When Bad Things Happen to Good Brands

Every company wants its brand to be ubiquitous -- but there's a caveat to that. The concept that there is no such thing as bad publicity is just wrong, and it requires…Read more

Catchy Content? No Magic Formula But Common Elements

"OK. [OK]. Blue Jays. [Blue Jays]. Let's [Let's]. Play. [Play]. Ball."

If you're in Southwestern Ontario like us (or, basically, anywhere in Canada), you may have…Read more

Where to Eat at PSEWEB? We Know a Place... Or 20

If you know me, you know that I am on the road. A lot. I like to bring my particular brand of snapping and clapping to trade shows, events, and functions all over this…Read more

Push Marketing from Pluto. NASA's Message from Instagram

Whether your customers are next door or in a galaxy far, far away, the message remains the same -- go where your customers are and deliver your message in the way that…Read more

Is a Bird in the Hand Worth Burning the Bush? The Real Cost of Aggressive Communication

So... remember this experiment? Where I tilted at the virtual windmill that is…Read more

Messaging Lessons from the Fringes

Time is always of the essence -- so don't forget the essentials.

Last night, I attended the London Fringe Festival Showcase. In a case of art imitating life, I was…Read more

Searching for Success? It's Being Funnelled to the Palm of Your Hand

The recent news from Google that mobile-based searches have exceeded those coming from desktop and laptops has prompted…Read more

Can We Fake Authenticity?

Success in social media -- and, really, in all business-related actions -- comes from being true to who you are. But sometimes that seemingly clear delineation can be…Read more

Don't Panic - The Truth of Why You Don't Have 1.1 Million New Reasons to Fear CASL

Fearing you've now got 1.1 million reasons to fear CASL? Here's the truth -- don't panic. And get the whole story.

Even though some of the less-scrupulous out…Read more

Ensure Your Presentation Complements - Not Competes With - Your Message

When you want to deliver your message, make sure you're thinking of the entire presentation. It's not just the message that matters, but the packaging around it counts as…Read more