Thank You

So let me start by saying thank you. Last night, at the 35th annual London Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards, Digital Echidna was honoured to be a finalist for… Read more

Preparing to Celebrate Shades of Great

It’s an exciting time here at Digital Echidna. There’s a sense of anticipation for tonight’s big event -- the London Chamber of Commerce’s 35th annual Business Achievement… Read more

Fatima Khalid - A Rising Star Gets Recognized

We’re thrilled to announce that Digital Echidna’s Fatima Khalid is the recipient of the Women in Communications and Technology’s Leadership Excellence Award -- Rising Star!… Read more

Reflecting on IWD: A Trail Blazed and a Path Forward

Yesterday, I attended an event commemorating International Women's Day. And as much as I was inspired by the strides we've made in the past, I left feeling committed to… Read more

Highlighting Collaboration at MidCamp

A trio of Echidnas is about to blow into the Windy City for the fifth annual Drupal MidCamp. We're committed to supporting the Drupal community and at this year's event, we'… Read more

Getting a Move On With Accessible Spaces

Our recent move has highlighted for me the benefits of accessible spaces, and the added benefits of thinking accessible, that make a new space a welcoming one. Yes, the… Read more

On The Road With Support Manager, Jon Clemens

One of the perks of working in technology, is that it lends so many tools that allows us to connect with our colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world. I decided to… Read more

Reviewing, Reporting, Communications - Six Foundational Items that Transcend All

A few weeks ago, I had the honour of teaching a class at Western's Faculty of Information & Media Studies. The instructor, Dan Brown, is a friend of mine and teaches a… Read more

A Move Towards Potential

Sure, some of us may have made a wrong turn at Talbot. And, over the next couple of weeks, there will be the inevitable questions about where we now keep supplies -- don’t… Read more

The Benefits of Preferential Treatment - Acquia-Style

Today we want to take the time to announce that Digital Echidna has officially been recognized as one of Acquia’s Preferred Partners. Although we have been partnered with… Read more

LinkedIn Lessons About Asking the Wrong Questions

It's also important to watch your p's and q's -- and every other letter in the alphabet -- especially when you're making a request. Because, when it comes to trying to get… Read more

YOU Breakfast Reinforces Idea that We Can Make an Impact

We were honoured to be in attendance at yesterday’s Youth Opportunities Unlimited's 12th Annual Breakfast. The power of the speaker and her message resonated throughout the… Read more