New Year - Hope for the New Year, Built Upon the Good of 2020

Well. That was a heck of a 2020, hasn’t it?  And while it may be tempting to just rush into 2021 and try to put the past year behind us, I think that’d be a mistake. Yes,… Read more

Hindsight In 2020 - New Ways to Do Business Powered by the Consistency of Change

Early morning on Mar. 14, 2020, I boarded a flight at the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport after four wonderful days in one of Canada’s most beautiful locations… Read more

A Very Covid Christmas Amplifies the Importance of Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Every year, I share a message much like this. I talk about the joys of the holiday season and encourage you to take the time to spend it with your friends, family, and loved… Read more

Moving House: Structure, Design, and Features

We’ve spoken a lot about moving over the past few days. In the real world, you’d prepare your family for a move; in the case of a website migration, your family is your users… Read more

Moving House: Why and When You’ll Want to Call in an Expert

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Moving House: Planning to Migrate Your Drupal Website

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How to Optimize Content for Accessibility and Search

The Drupal framework has accessibility at its core. However, there are a lot of things that content marketers can contribute to make their sites as accessible as possible. In… Read more

AODA Compliance Deadline Tips for the Non-Compliant

The old adage states that hindsight is 20/20. And as 2020 comes to a close, we’re seeing increasing numbers of businesses embracing that statement -- staring down the barrel… Read more

Keeping Blue Beanie Day Top of Mind (and Head!)

This year, with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act’s (AODA) Jan. 1, 2021 deadline for website compliance fast approaching, Blue Beanie Day takes on a special… Read more

(Rebuild) Roster Connects Local Talent to Business

Some of you may remember the old Six Million Dollar Man show, with its iconic opening narration that I’m going to paraphrase -- “we can rebuild [it]. We have the technology… Read more

Cutting Through the Crap: The Benefits of Banishing Business Buzzwords

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into your ecosystem and provide you with visibility into how you can leverage your core competencies to ensure that you are able to… Read more

Effective Ways to Not Get “Wreckx-ed” and Keep the Focus in Focus Groups (and other Meetings) On Zoom

It’s on days like this that I hearken back to those noted Bards of Harlem, New Jack Swing maestros Wreckx-n-Effect who so presciently sang, “All I want to do is zoom-a-zoom-… Read more