A Common Sense Approach to GDPR Prep

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Accessibility Awareness is Great, But Action Makes it Matter

Awareness is great, but without action it does little. Today marks the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day. And while a trending hashtag is all fine and dandy, what… Read more

Your Chance to Explore "Explosive" Digital Creativity

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Get Ahead of Negatives to Make Positive Change

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How To Optimize Your Website Speed For Mobile: Google Speed Update Is Coming

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Laying the Groundwork for Accessible Employment - But You Can Get a Head Start

“Collectively, we started to change the face of disability employment in the province of Ontario.” I’m not one given to hyperbole, but this comment by Mark Wafer at the end… Read more

Fake the Social Media Funk and Your Digital Nose’ll Grow

It was Bootsy Collins, in the Pinocchio Theory, who said, “Don’t fake the funk or your nose’ll grow.” This doesn’t just apply to P-Funk Mythology, but on-line marketing.… Read more

Bein’ Neighbourly and Cleaning and Greening the Forest City

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Our Roots Extend Beyond the Forest City

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London’s Tech Community’s Strength is Collaboration

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Six Grand Masters Proves We’re No Flash in the Pan -- And That’s Just the Start!

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Board Participation - Sometimes You Need to be the Willow

In woodworking, a board needs to be relatively rigid and strong enough to support weight. In organizations, that weight-bearing responsibility remains -- but it needs to be… Read more