Make Sure Your Source is the Right One

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Accessibility and the User Experience - Two Sides of the Same Coin

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We Have the Power -- and Responsibility -- to Ensure the Web We’ve Always Wanted is Open to All

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Echidnas To Be Spotted in Montreal, Minneapolis

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We Shouldn’t Need to be Told Accessibility is Just Good Business

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More Messaging Lessons from the Fringes

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Digital Echidna’s President Nominated for IABC Outstanding Communicator Award

First off, I want to say how honoured and humbled I am to be nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Communicator Award, to be handed out tonight by the International Association… Read more

Walking a Book

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Accessibility is About Independence, Not Dependence on Others

While it is unfortunate enough when a process is inaccessible, it is far more frustrating when those in charge of the process expect users with disabilities to always have… Read more

Digital Echidna Receives David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility

Digital Echidna is proud to announce that it has received the David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility. Digital Echidna’s content strategist, Jay Menard, accepted… Read more

Window-Eyes' Shutting Causes Challenges, Changes for Users

Last week marked the end of a long-standing text-to-speech engine, Window-Eyes. More than two decades after its creation, this commercial screen reader will no longer be sold… Read more

Open Source, the Humanities, and the Future -- Part Three of Our Talk with Susan Brown

In parts one and two of our interview with CWRC project lead Susan Brown, we've talked about establishing the need for Islandora, and why the project team chose a Drupal shop… Read more