Experience an Event From the Comfort of Your Computer Chair!

Last week London hosted the DIG London Conference 2009. DIG London is the information hub for the digital interactive gaming industry in Ontario. London has definitely… Read more

Eat at Your Own Pace ...

Being involved in many committees has given me the opportunity to attend and organize many events. One topic that often arises is third party follow up by the host venue. If… Read more

Does Knowing How to Cut With a Scalpel - Make You a Surgeon?

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The Evolution of the Business Card ...

Business cards are definitely a staple of the business world, but like the typewriter, the ditto machine and the telegram - maybe it's time to leave this business resource in… Read more

Changing the Landscape ...

Last week, 100,000 users were given access to the much anticipated Google Wave. Google Wave is an online tool for communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a… Read more

What Have You Done For Me Lately ...

Last Friday, the Echidna Team hosted a client appreciation night at the John Labatt Centre. This event was called "Hockey Night with Echidna" and we treated 100 of our… Read more

Are You Heading for a Network Crash?

I think many people understand the power of networking, and in today's economic environment the need to embrace this activity has become even more relevant. The networking… Read more

Take a Look in the Mirror ...

Last week the Echidna team had a chance to break away from the office and do some brainstorming/soul searching about the future direction of our company. I know - sounds like… Read more

Growth is Good! Echidna Welcomes Yan Zhang ...

Yan Zhang joins the Echidna Solutions Corp team, in the role of Senior Web Developer. Yan has a Bachelor of Computer Sciences from Peking University and is also a graduate of… Read more

Can Your Phone Augment Reality?

Last week I was introduced to Layar, which is a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser. Layar combines GPS, camera, and compass technology to identify your surroundings and overlay… Read more

Can You Get Steak ... at a Hamburger Price?

Clearly there is a difference in value between a steak and a hamburger - but if you only have a hamburger budget - what do you do?. In the web industry there are many… Read more

The RFP Ritual ... Should You Respond?

With more businesses using technology to purchase services, the Request for Proposal or "RFP" has definitely become a popular vendor selection tool. I must admit that in our… Read more