Connect With Local Emerging Talent

Are you a business in London looking to connect with emerging talent? Then you need to attend the 3rd Annual Student-2-Business (“S2B”) Networking Conference. The S2B… Read more

So What's the Difference Already?

SEM and SEO are terms that are often confused and used interchangeably, so what’s the difference? What will benefit your website, organization or company more? How do you… Read more

Tech Gifts for Christmas 2009

With only a few days left before Christmas – here are some great tech related items sure to inspire envy in others: Panasonic 103 inch TV TH-103PF9UK – What can I say here?… Read more

The Google Phone (gPhone) Cometh ...

Is the wait finally over for the Google mobile phone? Leaked only a few days ago - Google is doing it again, and making us rethink how we access technology. They are… Read more

If A Tree Falls

In London and abroad, many companies are doing great things - but nobody seems to know or notice. The question that must be asked is:What is your company doing to let people… Read more

Wear a Blue Hat Today in Support of Web Standards

Today - November 30, 2009 - is Blue Beanie Day! Wear a blue hat, cap or toque in support of web standards.Why are web standards important? Accessibility - Web accessibility… Read more

Strike a Happy Balance

Many times we have clients approach us with great ideas, but they do not have the budget to match. In a service industry, we always strive to make the client happy - but how… Read more

The Changing Media Mix

Ipsos Reid released a new poll on November 11th, stating that the media mix is changing for marketers. Marketing Professionals were part of this poll and they stated that… Read more

Experience an Event From the Comfort of Your Computer Chair!

Last week London hosted the DIG London Conference 2009. DIG London is the information hub for the digital interactive gaming industry in Ontario. London has definitely… Read more

Eat at Your Own Pace ...

Being involved in many committees has given me the opportunity to attend and organize many events. One topic that often arises is third party follow up by the host venue. If… Read more

Does Knowing How to Cut With a Scalpel - Make You a Surgeon?

Social Media gives you, or your company, a unique opportunity to get your message out to the masses - but does anyone care what you are saying? Social media can be roughly… Read more

The Evolution of the Business Card ...

Business cards are definitely a staple of the business world, but like the typewriter, the ditto machine and the telegram - maybe it's time to leave this business resource in… Read more