New Year - Hope for the New Year, Built Upon the Good of 2020

Well. That was a heck of a 2020, hasn’t it? 

And while it may be tempting to just rush into 2021 and try to put the past year behind us, I think that’d be a…Read more

A Very Covid Christmas Amplifies the Importance of Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Every year, I share a message much like this. I talk about the joys of the holiday season and encourage you to take the time to spend it with your friends, family, and…Read more

(Rebuild) Roster Connects Local Talent to Business

Some of you may remember the old Six Million Dollar Man show, with its iconic opening narration that I’m going to paraphrase -- “we can rebuild [it]. We have the…Read more

The ROI of CSR is More than Dollars, it’s About a Sense of Community

Tonight a few Echidnas will be “attending” the Pillar Community Innovation Awards, celebrating some of those individuals and organizations who have made a positive…Read more

Thanksgiving, a culture of gratitude during times of change

This year truly has been one filled with change. Over the past couple of weeks, you look around and notice the leaves changing colour. This time of year is wonderful…Read more

Two Echidna Projects Finalists for 2020 Acquia Engage Awards

Making your dreams come true doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication, planning, hard work, and talent. That’s why today’s announcement that Digital Echidna is a two-time…Read more

Holiday Wishes from Digital Echidna

You probably already know this, but there are over a dozen holidays in our multinational/multi-faith culture that are celebrated in and around this time of year…Read more

Home, Individuality, is in the Details

Moving in is just the first part. A house is just a structure -- it takes time to make it a home.

Recently, our local…Read more

Even More Lessons From the Fringes

When you’re communicating with anyone -- clients, potential customers, employees, or the general public -- trust is the strongest currency you can have. And that…Read more

Digital Echidna - What's in a Name?

We have our own connection to Australia, and today we wish everyone a Happy Australia Day! Lamingtons are an iconic Australian treat, the stuff of an Aussie childhood or…Read more

Celebrating Teamwork

If you happen to be at the London Knights’ hockey game tonight, take a look over to the stands to the west side of the rink -- there you’ll see a bunch of…Read more

A Celebration 15 Years in the Making

It's a big day for us! We're taking some time today to get away from the office and celebrate 15 years of Digital Echidna.

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