Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Over the past two weeks our team at Echidna has attended and been recognized at two (exciting and fun!) local events –

  1. The 60-Second Pitch Awards Celebration and Community Mixer hosted by Techalliance
  2. The 2010 IABC London Virtuoso Awards

Not only have these events been a great place to meet new people and discuss new business opportunities, but the events have forced us to step back and reflect on our company’s accomplishments, culture and overall long-term goals.

Although hosted by two different organizations, the 60-Second Pitch and Virtuosos Awards really focus and celebrate companies (and individuals) for the same types of accomplishments. Whether you’re preparing a work plan or rehearsing a speech – you’re reflecting on the same things that makes your projects and business successful.

  • Focus on presenting a need, opportunity or pain point that you or your business can solve
  • Explain how your solution or business can help solve that need, opportunity or pain point
  • Focus on how your solution or company stands out from its competitors
  • Describe your business’ overall goals and objectives
  • Measure, verify and explain how you’ve met those goals

No matter what event you’re attending, project you’re beginning or challenges you’re facing – it’s always a good idea to reflect back on success’ and failures so you can improve on them in the future.  Thanks again to the 60-Second Pitch and Virtuosos Awards for allowing all of us at Echidna to do so – and congratulations to all of the winners!




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