It's iPhone Day!

Today is the day many Canadians have been waiting for – the release of the iPhone4 in Canada! Now depending on how tech savvy you are or how much you rely on your mobile device, will likely determine if you’ll be waiting in line for the new iPhone or not.

If you don’t already know, some of the new features of the iPhone 4 are:

  • Higher resolution display screen
  • Video calling or “Facetime”
  • Better camera that has the ability to record HD video
  • Increased  battery life
  • Increased Internet use time
  • Faster processor
  • And the ability to multitask

But, here’s a question for you: Does having people wait in line for hours, or even days, for the latest or greatest new product increase its value? In my opinion, yes. And is also the reason Apple tends to do so well in the technology and mobile market.

From the iPod to the iPad to the iPhone4G – Apple has always required you to extend yourself to reach their products. Apple makes “this” (waiting in line) part of the “Apple experience” – a great marketing strategy. Not only do people want the latest Apple product, but they are willing to tell the "iPhone message" to other consumers by waiting in line, blogging about the new phone or just chatting at the coffee shop.

How would it change your business if you could get people to stand in line for your product?





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