Getting to the Heart of Pain Takes the Right People, Reasons, and Discussions

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time negotiating pain. Nothing personal, mind you, but working professionally to help both clients and groups with whom I’m… Read more

Echidnas to Engage Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Title We’re Down with UXC (Yeah, You Know Me!)

A little while ago, I mentioned that my title has changed. Sure, I’ve still got the content strategy gig, but what’s formalized has been my role as a UX Research Lead. I don’… Read more

Quality, Not Quantity, Should be the Focus

I still blame high school English teachers.  Despite our societal move towards quick, easily digestible, and readily accessible content structures, there’s still one outlier… Read more

Sustainability May Not Be as Flashy, but It’s Just as Exciting

When you look at the Growth 500 list, you see some eye-popping numbers -- triple-digit and even quadruple-digit growth, in some cases. And while I’m thrilled that Digital… Read more

Putting Accessible Images in Focus

It’s tempting. I get it. Posting a photo to your social media, it would just be so easy to upload and click -- with the obligatory sarcastic comment or attempt at wit… Read more

How to Make Mindfulness a Part of Every Day

Earlier this week, we recognized World Mental Health Day. Events like this are wonderful ways to coalesce our collective attention on an issue. Unfortunately, all too often,… Read more

Honestly, Customer Service Starts at “Home”

Whether or not we consciously think about it, our social interactions -- both online and off -- colour our perspectives of the companies and brands with which we interact.… Read more

Giving Thanks Never Goes out of Style

Let me just say this: in Canada, we do Thanksgiving right. I know it’s a big deal for our friends in the States -- and then there’s the whole four-day weekend thing they have… Read more

Can We Talk? Planning the First Step Along the Path to Better

Take a look at the bottom right corner of this blog post. See it? That Echidna-red “speech bubble”? Go ahead… click on it. I’ll wait! That’s right. A direct link to me. And… Read more

Successfully Merging Design and Development? Communication is Key

Communications is the key to unlocking success. But what does that mean? And what role can we play to make sure that we’re all speaking the same language and delivering… Read more

This is Sparta: Fighting the Battle for Quality Blogs

A couple of days ago, a reporter friend of mine asked “Are blogs dead?” People were quick to respond positively or negatively, but I think the question is inherently flawed.… Read more