By Air, Ground or Sea: Key to Accessible Travel is Knowledge

The adage “expect the best and prepare for the worst” is a truism in accessibility, particularly in a hypothetically jurisdictionally-confused, stress-fraught…Read more

Diverse Views Can Strengthen Accessible Solutions

However objective and empathic a designer or developer is, his or her own life experiences and needs will always determine what he or she designs and develops. While…Read more

A 360-Degree Approach for an Accessible Path to Success

It's easy to pay attention to the big challenges that are right in front of our face, but to get a true view of the issue, you need to apply a 360-degree approach to…Read more

Accessibility and the User Experience - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Where does user experience ends and accessibility begin? Aren't they two sides of the same coin? And, if so, how and when should both be incorporated into a project

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We Have the Power -- and Responsibility -- to Ensure the Web We’ve Always Wanted is Open to All

We can create the web we want -- but, to quote Stan Lee, with great power comes great responsibility.

It’s one thing to create the web in our…Read more

We Shouldn’t Need to be Told Accessibility is Just Good Business

Focusing on accessibility isn’t something we should need to be told to do -- after all, it’s just good business.

I guess you could look at the…Read more

Accessibility is About Independence, Not Dependence on Others

While it is unfortunate enough when a process is inaccessible, it is far more frustrating when those in charge of the process expect users with disabilities to always have…Read more

Digital Echidna Receives David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility

Digital Echidna is proud to announce that it has received the David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility. Digital Echidna’s content strategist,…Read more

Window-Eyes' Shutting Causes Challenges, Changes for Users

Last week marked the end of a long-standing text-to-speech engine, Window-Eyes. More than two decades after its creation…Read more

Removing Accessibility Barriers to Promote Independence and Inclusion

"The barriers I face as a blind person can be eliminated by changes to the environment." Those were the words of Jim Sanders, former CNIB president and chief executive…Read more

Accessibility and the Charter - 35 Years Later are We Walking the Talk?

A guarantee means nothing if you don't have the will to sustain it. And while today marks a significant anniversary in our country's history, it should also serve as an…Read more

We Shone the Spotlight on Accessibility; Now Let's Keep it in Permanent Focus

So while we may wrap up our month-long (with a few extra bonus days) blog focus on accessibility, that doesn't mean the issue shouldn't remain top of mind. Unfortunately,…Read more