Sometimes a Summit Can Mark the Start of a Journey

Today, Fatima and I are in Ann Arbor, MI attending the Midwest Drupal Summit -- a three-day event at the University of…Read more

Going on the Record - An Inside Look at an Echidna Process

Each RFP we are invited to participate in starts a process. A ritual. We identify a solution, write the proposal, submit, and then… we wait. If we are…Read more

A Tale of Two Keynotes

A recent story about the iRobot Roomba vacuum collecting and selling data about…Read more

By Air, Ground or Sea: Key to Accessible Travel is Knowledge

The adage “expect the best and prepare for the worst” is a truism in accessibility, particularly in a hypothetically jurisdictionally-confused, stress-fraught…Read more

A Celebration 15 Years in the Making

It's a big day for us! We're taking some time today to get away from the office and celebrate 15 years of Digital Echidna.

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There's Safety - and Quality - In Numbers

We've often talked about why we believe so strongly in Drupal and why we're committed to giving back to this open-source community. We've built our…Read more

The Opportunity to Make a Difference

You're never too old -- or too young -- to start. And when it comes to volunteering, starting younger can lead to community support becoming a valued part…Read more

A Celebration of Canada

It's been an exciting few days here at Digital Echidna. Right across the road -- really, all around us -- we're in the midst of SesquiFest -- a five-day…Read more

Familiar Faces, ‘New’ Places

I wanted to take a moment to recognize a couple of long-term Echidnas who have recently been appointed to new roles in the company -- and to reflect upon…Read more

Echidnas To Be Spotted in Montreal, Minneapolis

Whether it’s la belle province or the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you can find Echidnas all over this wonderful continent of ours. And over the next couple of weeks,…Read more

Digital Echidna’s President Nominated for IABC Outstanding Communicator Award

First off, I want to say how honoured and humbled I am to be nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Communicator Award, to be handed out tonight by the…Read more

Walking a Book

It’s around 17 degrees Celsius in London Canada. The sun is out, there is a nice breeze. I walked to work this morning and logged my time into walkonebook.…Read more