WatITis About Learning, Collaboration, and Opportunity

What it is is an opportunity. What it is is a chance to learn. What it is is a chance to meet some of the top information technology leaders in their own…Read more

Coming Through in the Clutch Lands Echidna on a Global Leaders List

There’s an old adage, often used in sports, that says someone or something has “come through in the clutch.” That usually means that you’ve been able to deliver…Read more

Celebrating Teamwork

If you happen to be at the London Knights’ hockey game tonight, take a look over to the stands to the west side of the rink -- there you’ll see a bunch of…Read more

Two Days of Innovation

Echidnas may generally stick to their burrows -- nocturnal for most of the year and not really fond of the bright lights -- but every once in a while you’ll…Read more

Hacking a Bridge to the Future

Want a sneak peek at the future? Then Western University’s the place to be this weekend -- and Echidna’s proud to be a part of the excitement.Read more

What Can You Do, Not How Can You Fit -- the True Focus of Accessibility

Accessibility isn’t about making people fit into one world, but rather working together to ensure that all barriers are reduced enabling everyone to…Read more

Giving Back? How to Make it a Part of Who We Are

To misquote Lao Tzu, a journey of 472 steps begins with a single step. As Digital Echidna participated in today’s Stair Climb in support of the United Way, I…Read more

A Day in the (Possible Future) Life

Today was Take Our Kids to Work Day -- an opportunity for Grade 9 students to spend the day with their parent, family member, volunteer, or family friend…Read more

Sensible Steps for Online Security

The old adage states that forewarned is forearmed. And for businesses wanting to do everything they can to protect the integrity of their information, e-commerce…Read more

Vienna Calling - Fatima’s European Drupal Adventure

Scholarships are intended to give you the opportunity to learn. With my recent receipt of a scholarship from the Drupal Association to attend DrupalCon…Read more

Being SMART About Networking Gets Results

Today Echidna’s director of development, Yan Zhang, and I are attending Western University’s Computer Science Breakfast. But we want to do more than just…Read more

Engaging Success

One way or another, it’s going to prove to be an exciting week next week as I, along with a couple of other Echidnas, head to Boston to attend the…Read more