Critical Thinking: The value of Honesty

I believe firmly that diversity of experience helps to make you better at what you do. By day, I'm a content and requirements strategist at Echidna; but by night I write…Read more

Building Stories

It's a cultural lesson that resonates with business – when it comes to building a successful story, focus on the people.

We recently participated in the…Read more

The Business of Politics and Religion: Is it Taboo?

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Digital U for a Digital You 501 -- What's Next?

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People Are Talking About My Business On Twitter - Now What?

Ok, so people are talking about your business on Twitter. That’s fantastic! So, what are you doing about it? 

Twitter is much more than a broadcast channel; as a…Read more

Social Influence - Would someone please explain what it means?

Certainly you've heard someone along the way mention an association between influence and popularity, but trust me, popularity is not influence!

Below, I will…Read more

To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. It seems like that’s what everyone is talking about these days! But what exactly is Pinterest and should you be using…Read more

Does Your Business Yelp?

I was recently involved in a discussion about Yelp and how to use it to maximize a business's exposure.  While I was already aware of the common functionality of Yelp, I…Read more

Has Social Media Changed the Landscape of Business?

Well, if your city is anything like ours, your local, self-proclaimed Social Media Gurus are telling you just that.  But, in actuality, business hasn't changed because of…Read more

Simple Things Your Company Should Stop Doing Online Right Now

Every client we work with is different. As a result we get to spend lots and lots of time across many different industries, see a mixed bag of projects, meet all types of…Read more