The ROI of CSR is More than Dollars, it’s About a Sense of Community

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Are You There Mandi Fields? It’s Me, Digital Echidna

Inspired by several other local businesses and organizations, we have committed to the 2019 United Way Tampon Tuesday campaign. This means, over the month of…Read more

Nominations Are Great, but the Work is, Honestly, its Own Reward

There’s a line that you hear repeated ad nauseam during awards season. The ol’ “It’s an honour just to be nominated.” And that’s true -- eventually.

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Be True to Yourself and Do it for the Right Reasons - Making CSR a Part of Your Business

Be true to yourself and do it for the right reasons -- no matter whether you’re talking corporately or privately, it’s important to adhere to those two…Read more

Summer Means Echidnas Having Good Times for Great Causes

So we may not be your typical group of Echidnas (…Read more

YOU Breakfast Reinforces Idea that We Can Make an Impact

We were honoured to be in attendance at yesterday’s Youth Opportunities Unlimited's 12th Annual Breakfast. The power of…Read more

We Have the Will to Give; Resolve to Do Something

Supporting your community can be easy -- where it becomes hard is when we overthink things. But there’s always hope because, once you get involved, it…Read more

The Right Way to Give? That's Up to You

When it comes to charities and promotion, how much is too much? What, as an individual or a business should you do? And where is the line between self-…Read more

The Opportunity to Make a Difference

You're never too old -- or too young -- to start. And when it comes to volunteering, starting younger can lead to community support becoming a valued part…Read more

Thank You

Thank you.

Those two words carry so much weight for all of us at Digital Echidna tonight. Earlier this evening, we were named the winner of the Corporate Social…Read more

Can Business Be Humble and Promotional at the Same Time?

True humility is hard to find these days. But when you find a package that combines talent, intelligence, and performance, but is actually wrapped up in honest-to-goodness…Read more