Ice-ing on the Canada Day Cake

As you may know, echidnas’ natural habitat is in the southern hemisphere. The interesting thing is that they don’t tolerate extreme temperatures all that well.…Read more

A Celebration of Canada

It's been an exciting few days here at Digital Echidna. Right across the road -- really, all around us -- we're in the midst of SesquiFest -- a five-day…Read more

Celebrating Canada

Happy Canada Day everyone!

The Echidna office will be shut down tomorrow and hopefully most of you will be out enjoying the festivities (or just hanging around the…Read more

Waving the Flag

This year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our iconic Canadian flag. And it's a flag that we're proudly waving both home and abroad.

It's been a banner year…Read more

O Canada -- Why Echidnas Stand on Guard for Thee

Canada Day is fast approaching – and as Canadians we have so much to celebrate.

I believe that Canada’s greatest strength is its…Read more