A Celebration of Canada

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It's been an exciting few days here at Digital Echidna. Right across the road -- really, all around us -- we're in the midst of SesquiFest -- a five-day celebration of Canada's 150 years of Confederation. And it’s a perfect time for us to take a moment and reflect upon why we’re celebrating being Canadian.

We see Canada Day as a time of celebration of the best of what we are. We're not perfect; the country isn't perfect; but we feel there's a tremendous amount to celebrate.

So as we approach the long weekend, I want to take a moment to reflect upon what we'll be celebrating at Digital Echidna. And we hope you'll join us in working towards a better Canada for all.

Celebrating innovation

We've enjoyed working with some amazing partners, like Innovation 150, the Canadian Science and Technology Museums Corporation, the Canadian Foundation of Innovation, and the Art Gallery of Ontario as part of its Boxwood Project. And organizations like Imagine Canada that support creative innovation in charitable giving. These organizations celebrate the best and brightest of our country -- a country that's been home to some of the world's greatest technical innovations -- like the CanadArm, the development of insulin, and even the telephone.  We're proud to play a small role in aiding their efforts and to foster an environment of creativity and innovation in the work we do every day.

Celebrating culture

One of our key areas of focus when it comes to our corporate social responsibility efforts is culture, and we're blessed to live in a country that offers such a rich and diverse tapestry of work. From music to theatre to visual arts to TV and film, Canadians produce some of the finest art in the world. Locally we're committed to celebrating the creativity and talent of our community, such as our ongoing support of the London Fringe Festival and LondonCulture.ca. And, of course, it's important to recognize our sporting culture -- you may see us in our Echidna jerseys from time to time.

Celebrating our future

Working with amazing educational partners including, but not limited to, Fanshawe College, Mohawk College, the University of Toronto, and Western University. And let's not forget our work with Growing Chefs, an organization that's working to help our youth learn and grow to a healthier future. We're honoured to help these organizations in their efforts to teach tomorrow's leaders today.

Celebrating community

We feel we're pretty Canadian in our makeup. We're a collection of people of different sexes, genders, and cultural, religious, and regional backgrounds. Like Canada itself, we benefit from a number of people who have chosen to make this country their home. And we're committed to helping promote accessibility throughout our community. As a nation, we are strengthened by the people with whom we live, work, and form communities.

So on this 150th anniversary of Confederation, I hope that you take the opportunity to spend some time with friends, family, and loved ones. And I hope you join me in looking back on the things we deserve to celebrate -- and look forward to working even harder to make the next 150 years better for all Canadians.

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