Choosing Your Own Adventure Can Lead to Business Growth

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Opportunity Doesn't Always Knock, Sometimes You Have to Listen and Go Towards It

Sometimes the most valuable conversations about your business don't even involve you. If you're not aware about how to effectively eavesdrop on these discussions, you may…Read more

What’s the Right Marketing Vehicle? Only You Can Tell

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The Perils of (Mis)Communication

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Cast Too Wide a Net and Valuable Fish will Slip Through

As any angler worth his or her salt knows, if you’re not using the right bait and equipment, it’s far more difficult to catch fish. And, when it comes to your business…Read more

The Value of Klout -- Digital Echidna Head2Head

At Digital Echidna, we all work together – with our clients – to find the best business solutions for their particular needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that…Read more

When Trying to Sound Smart is a Dumb Idea

I’d like to take you back a few years. Young Jay was sitting in the family’s living room, half-paying attention to the evening news that my parents were watching. The…Read more

Is Google Grants for you?

If you’re a charitable or not-for-profit organization interested in improving your online marketing strategy, listen up, because Google Grants could work for you!

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Earn Your Way In

Relationship Marketing is defined as “a marketing practice that recognizes the long term value of…Read more

Google Adwords Remarketing

What if there was a way to bring back people who visited your website but weren't converted?  One advertising strategy makes this possible.  It’s called remarketing, and…Read more

Let's Be Adult About This

.xxx Domains are here, what should we do...

If you are in the adult entertainment business, or your site is related to adult endeavors, then buying a .XXX domain is…Read more

What is Google Places?

When you’re looking for a business, product or service where do you search first? Do you turn to the phone book, the newspaper or do you search online?

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