Earn Your Way In

Relationship Marketing is defined as “a marketing practice that recognizes the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising”.  Yes, I’m sure that you understand the value of building relationships in business, but have you thought about how you could take this online?

Social media is all about building relationships and trust through communication and engagement. Yes, you may have a Facebook or Twitter account set-up, but are you building relationships? More and more at Echidna we’re challenging our clients to build relationships online. How? By sharing your knowledge and expertise through unique forms of content. This, we believe, is what will make you stand out from the competition.

Build Relationships and “Earn Your Way In”

Set-up a blog or Facebook page where you can answer FAQs from potential customers. By sharing your expertise in an online medium you’re not only helping the one potential customer that had a question, but you now have the opportunity to reach 100’s if not 1000’s of others who are searching the same question or concern.  Even better, the individual that you helped is likely to help spread your message and brand through their online networks as well. A new brand ambassador is just around the corner.

Earn your way in by producing video content that can be posted on your website or YouTube channel. Show potential customers what it’s like to be a client of yours even before they show up at your office. In addition, video content ranks very highly in search engines so if you’re producing content of value, the chance that someone will find your video is very high.

Whether it’s through social media, online advertising, a blog or an FAQ section of your website, it’s important to remember the value of relationship marketing. If you’re producing content of value, people will find it. If a user is searching for “how to create soy wax candles” and your blog pops up, BAM, a new potential customer and brand ambassador is born.

So don’t be scared to produce great content. Get online, start a blog and share your expert knowledge with the world!




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