Planning The Move to Drupal 8/9

Drupal 9 is coming! The release date is set for June 2020. If you were around for the introduction of Drupal 8 in November 2015, you will remember it was a big…Read more

‘Required’ Reading for Project Success

When it comes to developing the right digital solution for you and your customers, it’s important to…Read more

Digital Echidna takes home award in the 2018 WebAwards competition

Digital Echidna has received the 2018 WebAward Standard of Excellence award for its work on its client, Amico Corporation, website. The recognition came in the…Read more

Our EOS Journey To Date: 5 Things To Know

Last week, the management team participated in their last EOS® planning session, thus ending our two year engagement with implementer, Preston True.

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How to Avoid Any Post-Launch Jitters with a Support Agreement

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been Digital Echidna’s support manager and have worked with a large number of clients as part of their post-launch…Read more

Intranet Introspection: Proper Execution

So far we’ve covered the vendor selection process, how to budget time and resources and how to…Read more

A New Approach for the RFP Process

"Because it's the way we've always done it..." It's not the best reason for continuing a process, but it's often the most common. But what if you could take something that…Read more

Potluck Approach A Recipe for Success

On Friday we held our annual Digital Echidna's Christmas potluck – a day where the team gets together, brings an assortment of food, and somehow comes together with a…Read more

Reviewing Challenges & Asking for Client Feedback

Okay, so you’ve got your goals, objectives and target audience. You’ve implemented the project to the best of your ability, launched and now it’s over, right?

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Confusing Web Terms!

It’s no surprise to most that when you enter the world of websites, you’re entering a world with an entirely new language. Whether you’re a manager in charge of re-…Read more

Re-Thinking the Way We Design Websites

Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing With Web Standards, said it best, “content proceeds design,…Read more