2013 -- Social Success Stories

They say good things come in threes. After our first two end-of-the-year posts (Friday's post on…Read more

Content Marketing? Simple, but Not Easy.

Recently a site that I've long respected posted a question on one of its social media channels. They asked a simple question, "How do you define content marketing?" Sadly…Read more

The Perils of (Mis)Communication

Why do many customers have an inherent distrust of companies? Why do they look at public relations and marketing efforts through a jaundiced eye? Because far too many…Read more

Everything Old is Marketed as New Again

Music, fashion, fad diets – and marketing strategies -- they all come around over and over again.

With students returning to school this week, it's intriguing to…Read more

Looking for the Right Words? Be Like Mike

Advertising, building a Web site, coming up with branding standards – pretty much everything you do on-line and off is designed to convince people to buy your products,…Read more

Cast Too Wide a Net and Valuable Fish will Slip Through

As any angler worth his or her salt knows, if you’re not using the right bait and equipment, it’s far more difficult to catch fish. And, when it comes to your business…Read more

Is it Really Possible to Laugh Your Way to the Bank? Humour, Virality, and Business

Humour can be a powerful branding weapon when wielded appropriately. Generally when used as quick, dagger-like strikes designed to pierce the social Zeitgeist, it can…Read more

Anti-Social? Your Actions May Say You Are

You may spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising; you may have directors or managers of communications and marketing; you spend for premium TV ads or sponsor…Read more

Connecting Your Online & Offline Marketing Efforts

Social Media has given businesses new ways to openly engage with today's connected consumer and plenty of businesses are beginning to understand and embrace these concepts…Read more

Creating a QR Code Campaign

QR codes might be the most unused and misunderstood of the digital marketing tools out there. Doing a quick Google search exposes just as many blogs and articles that…Read more

It's iPhone Day!

Today is the day many Canadians have been waiting for – the release of the iPhone4 in Canada! Now depending on how tech savvy…Read more