Is Google Grants for you?

If you’re a charitable or not-for-profit organization interested in improving your online marketing strategy, listen up, because Google Grants could work for you!

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Google Adwords Remarketing

What if there was a way to bring back people who visited your website but weren't converted?  One advertising strategy makes this possible.  It’s called remarketing, and…Read more

Did You Know? You Can Create Targeted Ads on Facebook!

Not only is Facebook a booming social media tool used to connect friends and businesses through pages and messaging – Facebook can also be a huge asset to advertisers who…Read more

How Do I Know If An AdWords Campaign Will Work For Me?

The simple answer – if you’re looking to reach a target audience using specificity, keywords, key phrases and location targeting – Google AdWords is likely for you!

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Creating a Successful AdWords Campaign

As mentioned in previous blogs - SEM or search engine marketing is always a great way to promote…Read more

So What's the Difference Already?

SEM and SEO are terms that are often confused and used interchangeably, so what’s the difference? What will benefit your website,…Read more