Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For? Focus Less on Searchability and More on Findability

Anything is searchable.

The key to success is making it findable. And while X may no longer mark the spot, understanding what markers work -- and the routes people…Read more

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile to Move Your Business Forward

Is your site taking your business as far as it should? Without a mobile-friendly site, you may not only find yourself stuck in neutral, but -- as of Apr. 21, 2015 -- you…Read more

Off Target: Lessons in Knowing Your Market

Lessons one through 131: know your market.

I'm sure you've been inundated with Target-related news and analysis. Everyone and their uncle is champing at the bit to…Read more

Accessibility Matters - Exploring the Hows and Whens of Alternative Text

The most frustrating part of accessing the web as a blind user, in my opinion, is images. Whether they're infographics or pictures used to add a visual element to an…Read more

Five 'Actual' Blog Writing Mistakes

Earlier today, one of my favourite sites, Ragan's PR Daily, posted a piece entitled 10 common Read more

Home Page Not Dead, But It Can Suffer from Drive-Bys

The Home Page may not be dead – but it's certainly suffering from drive-bys.

A few weeks ago, the New York Times' innovation report came out stating that Times'…Read more

The Perils of (Mis)Communication

Why do many customers have an inherent distrust of companies? Why do they look at public relations and marketing efforts through a jaundiced eye? Because far too many…Read more

Don’t Just Curate, Create

You can't be seen a 'thought leader' if you spend all your time serving as a window to someone else's words.

On Monday, I talked about the need for medical centres…Read more

The Value of Klout -- Digital Echidna Head2Head

At Digital Echidna, we all work together – with our clients – to find the best business solutions for their particular needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that…Read more

Is Google Grants for you?

If you’re a charitable or not-for-profit organization interested in improving your online marketing strategy, listen up, because Google Grants could work for you!

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Let's Be Adult About This

.xxx Domains are here, what should we do...

If you are in the adult entertainment business, or your site is related to adult endeavors, then buying a .XXX domain is…Read more