Content Isn't King - It's Far More Foundational Than That

I recently received an email from a communications organization that I follow with the subject line, “The written word is here to stay.”

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Kicking Off 2018 with Content? Question Your Path to Success

As we approach the end of 2017, there are those who approach the new year as a starting line of sorts. It's a time when people can feel the need to begin a new project --…Read more

A View from the Fringe Shines Light on the Need for Reflection

Your business doesn't remain stagnant. It's constantly evolving -- sometimes in measured increments and giant leaps -- to adjust to changing market dynamics. So why should…Read more

Don't Believe the Hype

We often talk about tone when it comes to messaging, but rarely do we focus on volume. And when it comes to connecting with your audience, what and how you say something…Read more

Catchy Content? No Magic Formula But Common Elements

"OK. [OK]. Blue Jays. [Blue Jays]. Let's [Let's]. Play. [Play]. Ball."

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A Trio of Tools to Get Your Message Across

How do you get your message across when you can't be sure that your audience even speaks your language? Repetition, juxtaposition, and clear imagery can help you ensure…Read more

Messaging Lessons from the Fringes

Time is always of the essence -- so don't forget the essentials.

Last night, I attended the London Fringe Festival Showcase. In a case of art imitating life, I was…Read more

Ensure Your Presentation Complements - Not Competes With - Your Message

When you want to deliver your message, make sure you're thinking of the entire presentation. It's not just the message that matters, but the packaging around it counts as…Read more

Not So Black and White - Or Black and Blue or White and Gold

Is it blue and black or is it white and gold? The answer doesn't matter; the fact that the question exists at all is fascinating and something to keep in mind with your…Read more

Dress for Success -- The Politics of Wearing the Right Message

The message is the most important part of your business communications, but how you deliver it can either amplify it or obscure it.

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Contextualizing Screams - Using Photo, Video, and Text to Share Your Business Passion

Sometimes, in business, the best way to express yourself isn't through words, but through a 'scream.'

My music tastes run in cycles. Currently, I'm firmly in the…Read more

Ghost Writing Must Be Invisible so the Message or the Brand Can Clearly Pass Through

You've likely seen those movies where a ghost or a spirit enters into a living person, and all of the sudden that person changes – they act awkwardly and behave oddly. It'…Read more