All the World's a Stage - Messaging Lessons from Home County

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Be seen, but Don't just be a facade

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A Super Bowl Game Plan For Content that Scores

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Accessibility Matters - Window Dressing or a Door to a Greater Commitment?

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Off Target: Lessons in Knowing Your Market

Lessons one through 131: know your market.

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Why the Sky is Not Falling on Social Media Marketing - But Hopefully a New Day is Dawning

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A Halloween Primer on How to Avoid Resurrecting the Ghosts of Social Media Nightmares Past

It's Halloween. A night when all manner of creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighbourhood.

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What’s the Right Marketing Vehicle? Only You Can Tell

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Ghost Writing Must Be Invisible so the Message or the Brand Can Clearly Pass Through

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Can Business Be Humble and Promotional at the Same Time?

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Only “You” Can Cut Through Advertising Clutter

When it comes to cutting through the clutter, the savvy business knows that only "you" matter.

To start with, let me reiterate the fact that I really hate the term…Read more

Catchy Copy? It's a Numbers Game

This blog is by no means political, but it can be inspired by politics. Why? Because at its root successful politics is about communicating a message to the electorate.…Read more