Home, Individuality, is in the Details

Moving in is just the first part. A house is just a structure -- it takes time to make it a home.

Recently, our local…Read more

Fonts, Colours Influence How Your Message is Perceived and Received

When it comes to finding the right font and colour palette for your brand the "i"s have it.

And so do the "a"s, the "t"s, and the "z"s...

It may seem like…Read more

When Bad Things Happen to Good Brands

Every company wants its brand to be ubiquitous -- but there's a caveat to that. The concept that there is no such thing as bad publicity is just wrong, and it requires…Read more

Off Target: Lessons in Knowing Your Market

Lessons one through 131: know your market.

I'm sure you've been inundated with Target-related news and analysis. Everyone and their uncle is champing at the bit to…Read more

The Book on Change – Ensure Your Content Represents You Today

Too often we treat our websites like storefront signs – long-term representations of who we are, updated only periodically. But are you really what your message says you…Read more

Ghost Writing Must Be Invisible so the Message or the Brand Can Clearly Pass Through

You've likely seen those movies where a ghost or a spirit enters into a living person, and all of the sudden that person changes – they act awkwardly and behave oddly. It'…Read more

Sage Social Business Advice from an 11-Year-Old

My daughter and I are both at a wonderful age: she's at the age where I still matter, I'm one of her heroes, and all that fun stuff.

And I'm at the age where I can…Read more

Lessons From Waverley Retirees' Conquering of New Media

The "G"-Unit are at it again. No, not the Queens-based hip-hop crew, but rather the geriatric dancers in London's Waverley retirement residence who have hit the Web with a…Read more

Looking for the Right Words? Be Like Mike

Advertising, building a Web site, coming up with branding standards – pretty much everything you do on-line and off is designed to convince people to buy your products,…Read more

Stumping for Votes or Stomping on Customers?

In today's social-media-dominated world, it can be tough separating an individual from the brand he or she represents. But regardless…Read more

Is it Really Possible to Laugh Your Way to the Bank? Humour, Virality, and Business

Humour can be a powerful branding weapon when wielded appropriately. Generally when used as quick, dagger-like strikes designed to pierce the social Zeitgeist, it can…Read more

Are You a Social Media Mosquito? Your Voice May be Bugging Your Customers

There’s a device known as 'The Mosquito' that’s used outside of businesses. It's designed to emit a high-frequency sound that only youth can hear and is intended to keep…Read more