Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks ...

Technology is leading the charge in many marketing campaigns, but turning to old marketing methods can actually get you noticed. With people logging into multiple social networking sites and the onslaught of emails getting more intense - your message can easily get lost in the pack.

Some companies are turning to old methods:

  • Send a letter/card - Do you remember how great it felt the last time someone sent you a birthday card? Why not give this feeling to your client! Your message will get noticed in a group of 15 letters compared to 100 emails.
  • Send a fax - Do people even use faxes anymore? The odds are the number of faxes that come into a business are so low that people will read them because they seem so foreign.

Here is the new twist - the faxes, letters and cards should all reference the website and all action steps should be directed to the online medium.

Another old approach that should be used more is ...

  • Picking up the Phone - Have you ever read an email on your blackberry and needed to get a thumb massage after scrolling? If you have that much to say, try picking up the phone and you will be surprised how much more you get out of the interaction.

Old methods are making a come back, so give them a try and get noticed!




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