Customer Service

Customer service is defined as “the provision of service to customers, before, during and after a purchase.”

We all know how we feel when we receive good customer service and unfortunately, we all know how we feel when we’re faced with poor customer service.

To me, customer service means that you’re friendly, polite, accommodating, understanding and you respond to client’s requests in a timely manner.  Good customer service means you pick up the phone when it rings and you don’t keep clients on hold for extended periods of time. You’re helpful, knowledgeable and you don’t make promises unless you can keep them.

As an account manager at Echidna, customer service is a part of my job every day. I know that a satisfied client will come back for more business in the future, and that a satisfied customer can become one of your greatest brand ambassadors, which means success for your company.

At Echidna, we strive to treat every client like they are our only client and good customer service is always a priority (online and in the office).

So, what about customer service and your company’s online marketing mediums like your website, Facebook or Twitter account?

To provide good customer service online you should:

  1. Respond to web form inquiries in a timely manner (24 to 48 hours is usually appropriate). Make sure you have an automatic thank you message (or email) that lets the customer know you’ve received their inquiry and will respond shortly.
  2. Dedicate time each day to check your social networks (sometimes an hour a day can be enough!).  Respond to these messages in a timely manner and try to direct people back to your website for more information.

Although good customer service and these tips seem obvious at first glance, they can often be forgotten when you’re busy or stressed. So remember to smile, always give good customer service and grow your company's referral network!



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