What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is "a methodology for designing web sites that can adapt to a range of screen sizes and device types." - (Wikipedia)

Mobile…Read more

Microvolunteering Online

Have you ever wanted to volunteer, but just couldn’t find the time?

We lead busy lives, work 10 hour (or more!) days, sit on multiple committees and have family and…Read more

Is BlackBerry Messenger a thing of the past?

The debate between Apple's iPhone and Research in Motion's BlackBerry, will be a forever lasting one (at least in this office anyways!). The reasons for choosing one phone…Read more

It's iPhone Day!

Today is the day many Canadians have been waiting for – the release of the iPhone4 in Canada! Now depending on how tech savvy…Read more

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a rapidly growing industry. 172 million of the 1.2 billion mobile phones purchased in 2009 were Read more

Are You Ready to Drink the 'LBS' Kool Aid?

So I finally signed up for Foursquare!

On January 21st, Foursquare FINALLY introduced its Blackberry…Read more

The Google Phone (gPhone) Cometh ...

Is the wait finally over for the Google mobile phone? Leaked only a few days ago - Google is doing it again, and making us rethink how we access technology. They are…Read more

The Changing Media Mix

Ipsos Reid released a new…Read more

Can Your Phone Augment Reality?

Last week I was introduced to Layar, which is a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser. Layar combines GPS, camera, and compass technology to identify your surroundings and…Read more

Going Mobile ...

I am not spilling any trade secrets by stating - web browsing on mobile devices is on the rise. Mobile handsets are now offering bigger screens, better web browsers and…Read more