This is Sparta: Fighting the Battle for Quality Blogs

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Reviewing, Reporting, Communications - Six Foundational Items that Transcend All

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Kicking Off 2018 with Content? Question Your Path to Success

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Fun, Factual, Focused -- How to Write Headlines that Matter

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Don't Template the Life Out of Your Content - How Structure and Creativity Intersect

Creativity and structure may appear to be polar opposites. The truth is that structure can help creativity flourish -- but a template is the wrong way to go.

I…Read more

Learning the Foundations of Persuasive Content

Whether you're writing a theatre review or product copy for the web, the goal is the same -- to be persuasive. And the basic foundational elements to both types of writing…Read more

Should You Be on Twitter? Absolutely Yes and Maybe No

Should your business be on Twitter? Well the answer is simple. Absolutely Yes. And Possibly No.

It all depends  on what you're looking to get out of it.

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A Not-By-The-Book Guide to Copywriting and Editing

I firmly believe that if you want to improve your writing and editing skills, you have to take a not-by-the-book approach to skills development.

Earlier today, a…Read more

No Short Cut to Quality Content - Despite What the Black-Hat Snake-Oil Salesmen May Say

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Focus On Quality and Your Customers Will Make Time for Your Content

How can you cut through the clutter and capture your customer's curiosity when time, clearly, isn't on your side?

I'm not going to get into debates about how many…Read more

Getting Real About Content Marketing

We should do lots of things. But what we can actually do with the resources available to us -- that's what we need to focus on, and that's where we're…Read more

Five 'Actual' Blog Writing Mistakes

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