Sage Social Business Advice from an 11-Year-Old

My daughter and I are both at a wonderful age: she's at the age where I still matter, I'm one of her heroes, and all that fun stuff.

And I'm at the age where I can…Read more

Do Your Engagements Ring Hollow?

Sometimes we use words with the best intentions but those words can lose their power and their meaning through neglect.

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Golfer Shows Bad Form in Swinging at Trolls

It's hard to keep a stiff upper lip when inside you're ready to snarl and snap. But for businesses dealing with legitimate trolls, it's…Read more

Faking Twitter? Like Eating a Bad Burrito Nothing Good Ever Comes from It

Are you thinking of acting like Chipotle’s social team? Then you run the risk of unwrapping a whole lot of trouble for your business. After all, faking social content is a…Read more

Kekkou Desu Mr. Roboto - The Perils Of Content Automation

One of the goals of any social media/communications strategy is to actively and rapidly engage with your customer base when they reach out to you. But the metrics you need…Read more

Cast Too Wide a Net and Valuable Fish will Slip Through

As any angler worth his or her salt knows, if you’re not using the right bait and equipment, it’s far more difficult to catch fish. And, when it comes to your business…Read more

Language Matters -- Who the F*** Do You Think You Are?

If you only know my from my written communications, you may not know that I have a tendency to be a bit blue in my language choices amongst friends and colleagues.

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Don't Want to Play? Fine, But Be Aware of the Game

You may not want to play the game, but when it comes to your business and the Web, you should at least be aware that the 'game' exists. After all, even if you're not…Read more

People Are Talking About My Business On Twitter - Now What?

Ok, so people are talking about your business on Twitter. That’s fantastic! So, what are you doing about it? 

Twitter is much more than a broadcast channel; as a…Read more

Why Linking Your Tweets to your Facebook is a Bad Idea

Clients often come to Echidna when they’re interested in setting up social media platforms, more specifically Facebook and Twitter. They are excited to jump on the social…Read more

Growing A Local Customer Base Through Twitter

Is your Businesses interested in growing its local customer base - Advanced Twitter Search can be a powerful tool that many aren't using.   Several businesses have caught…Read more

Follow Friday #FF

If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen, if not participated in, the #FF hashtag.  But, just in case you haven’t, or you’ve been wondering what it was…

#FF is a…Read more