The Who is Only a Small Part. What Really Matters

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Want Better Business Writing? Go Window Shopping

Your window of opportunity to attract your customers is brief, so it's not smart business clouding that window to your message with empty words. The best way to fix it? Do…Read more

Goals and Objectives

Goals, Objectives and Target Audience…these three words are the hallmark to running any sort of successful marketing campaign.

Target audience is…Read more

Think Before You Post

Today, everything is searchable and public if you post it online. Rarely can you completely delete an image, status update, blog or tweet with 100% guarantee (or…Read more

When Do I Use a Mini-Site?

Before starting any communications or marketing project you must understand your target audience. Ask yourself:

Design For Your Users - Not Yourself!

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What do you want your target audience to do?

It’s unfortunate that many web designers don’t consider these two…Read more

I Hate My Website ...

Many people might say that they "hate their website", but very few can explain why. Now before we go on about the red background or the wrong pictures being placed in the…Read more