Artificial “Ends” Can Help Kickstart Success

It’s my last post of the year!

Well, that’s not entirely true, but for many of us the arrival of Labour Day feels like we’re…Read more

The (Sometimes) Inexact Science of Measurement

I was at a shortlist presentation yesterday when asked about web success metrics and examples of successful metrics that we've helped some of our other…Read more

Why It’s Time to Invite Social to the Corporate Party

It’s the bane of every social networker’s existence – how do you accurately define the return on investment for your social media activities?

Business loves its…Read more

Goals and Objectives

Goals, Objectives and Target Audience…these three words are the hallmark to running any sort of successful marketing campaign.

Target audience is…Read more

Take a Look in the Mirror ...

Last week the Echidna team had a chance to break away from the office and do some brainstorming/soul searching about the future direction of our company. I know - sounds…Read more