This is Sparta: Fighting the Battle for Quality Blogs

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Avoiding Bumps in the Road - Communicating Change

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Digital Echidna’s President Nominated for IABC Outstanding Communicator Award

First off, I want to say how honoured and humbled I am to be nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Communicator Award, to be handed out tonight by the…Read more

To Successfully Create Content You Need to be a 'People' Person

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A Halloween Primer on How to Avoid Resurrecting the Ghosts of Social Media Nightmares Past

It's Halloween. A night when all manner of creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighbourhood.

It's a night when ghouls and ghosts rise from the…Read more

Hockey Season Starts - So What is the Best Team?

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Ghost Writing Must Be Invisible so the Message or the Brand Can Clearly Pass Through

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Content Marketing? Simple, but Not Easy.

Recently a site that I've long respected posted a question on one of its social media channels. They asked a simple question, "How do you define content marketing?" Sadly…Read more

Everything Old is Marketed as New Again

Music, fashion, fad diets – and marketing strategies -- they all come around over and over again.

With students returning to school this week, it's intriguing to…Read more

Can’t See Forest for the Blog? Plant Evergreen Content

Some things are just so nice you have to use them twice…

Or three times, or more.

Let me not just run the risk of repeating myself – let me actively Read more

How to Succeed in Editing without Really Trying: A Primer in Surviving (and Thriving in) the Approval Process

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