Understanding the Big Picture

“Why do you want to know that? Why does that matter? Isn’t this just a website discovery?” You’d be surprised at the number of times I am asked these types of…Read more

The Human Touch - The Value of Face-to-Face Communication

Will the Singularity ever occur and mark the rise of our robot overlords? It's possible, I guess, but for as much as technology brings to the world, the one thing it can't…Read more

Intranet Introspection: Communication and Preparation

To date we've discussed a number of steps to make your Intranet launch successful. From understanding requirements to gathering information to managing the…Read more

Clear Communication, Eliminating Jargon Lets Your Message Hit the Button

Knowing the right words and knowing the right words to use are completely different things -- and understanding the difference can help you hammer home…Read more

Politically De-Motivated - Messaging Lessons from the Campaign Trail

How much is too much? That's a tough question to answer. But we all know what too much is and the key to successfully communicating with your customers is knowing when…Read more

Off Target: Lessons in Knowing Your Market

Lessons one through 131: know your market.

I'm sure you've been inundated with Target-related news and analysis. Everyone and their uncle is champing at the bit to…Read more

Hardly a Slacker: Slack and Accessibility

We often fall into the habit of focusing on broadcasting information when we discuss accessibility: how can we ensure our message is accessible to the largest possible…Read more

Ask Echidna: Delivering Bad News

From the Ask Echidna mailbag we received this question from Ben A., "Is there a good way to deliver bad news in business?"

It's an important question because 99…Read more

The Weight of the Word is On Your Shoulders

How important are words? Well, maybe Elvis sang it best when he warbled “It’s only words and words are all I have to steal your heart away.”

Whether you’re trying…Read more

It's time to focus your marketing efforts

Social media is undoubtedly the ‘buzzword’ of the year so it’s no surprise that when you start think about marketing your brain quickly turns to Twitter, Facebook…Read more

How Do You Connect Online?

Picture this: your best friend just moved across the country. Cell phone bills are just too expensive these days and you’re on a strict personal budget. How do you connect…Read more

Content Strategy & Architecture

Content Strategy (CS) and architecture is slowly, but steadily climbing the ladder and becoming a respected process in website development.

With CS, you have a well…Read more