We Shone the Spotlight on Accessibility; Now Let's Keep it in Permanent Focus

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Drupal 8 - Accessibility Now; Supporting Continued Accessibility in the Future

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Full Accessibility in Ontario? It's Going to Take a Lot of (Already Delayed) Work

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Shining a Light on Accessibility - The Importance of Being 'Seen'

"I want to be seen in a positive light, rather than not seen at all. I want to be seen as a contributor and I want to be seen for my potential."

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Accessibility Matters - iAid Update

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Is New Always Better? Keeping Accessibility Simple

KISS -- 'Keep it simple, stupid' -- it's a well-known adage. And it's one that should be remembered when approaching accessibility.

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Accessibility Lessons from Robert Munsch

Let's celebrate the birth of an icon and explore how his lessons continue to resonate in the world of accessibility.

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Prioritizing One Group Over Another is Bad Accessibility

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