Surveying Our Business Environment Shows We’re On the Right Path

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It's one thing to back the right horse. It's something totally different to saddle up and try to guide that horse to victory. While there are a lot of encouraging signs coming out of the 2017 Drupal Business Survey, many of them are trends that we've identified ourselves and have used to grow our business.

Full results of the survey will be published tomorrow at the DrupalCon Vienna CEO Dinner, but some early findings are available on the Drupal Association blog.

The survey polled 239 respondents in CEO/COO/CTO/founder, director, or management roles  at Drupal companies with a total of 300 offices around the world. Highlights of the survey are as follows:

Projects Are Getting Bigger

52.3 per cent of respondents said the average size of their project deals has grown. Only 16.3 per cent reported that their average deals shrank.

Projects Are In Our Wheelhouse

Drupal's seen as a desired solution in Charities and Non-Profit sectors (64.9 per cent), Government and Public Administration (56.1 per cent), and Healthcare and Medicine (49.4 per cent). This aligns nicely with our areas of focus which includes the above, as well as the education market.

Drupal 8 Growth

We've made a concerted effort to focus new projects on Drupal 8 development. And we're not alone. A plurality of respondents (38.1 per cent) say they're building new projects with Drupal 8, while another quarter build mostly with Drupal 8 (with some Drupal 7).

There are a lot of other findings that were shared in the survey results and I encourage you to review them at your leisure. But one thing that struck me is the idea that companies are selling solutions, not technology.

That resonates with us as, for years, we've promoted Digital Echidna as providing "essential services to harmonize your digital world." In focusing on a strategy that integrates connections, content, and commerce, we live by a mission of “solving everyday, yet complex problems for large and small organizations sharing one thing in common: their desire to harness the results of digital essentials."

Drupal's not explicitly mentioned in any of that, but it's the foundation upon which everything is built. We believe strongly in the power, flexibility, and community support that Drupal embodies and it's been the bedrock of our solutions since 2011.

But that power, flexibility, and community would go to waste if the solutions didn't meet the needs of our clients. Solving those challenges, developing solutions, and providing essential solutions that our clients can use to maximize their business is at the core of what we do.

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