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A commitment to openness is a commitment to progress -- which is why today's the perfect day for us to kick off a celebration of open-source discussions, particularly focusing on our growing involvement with the Islandora community.

Why is today perfect? Because today is Day One of the Go Open Data Conference, being held in London, ON today at the Wolf Performance Hall, and tomorrow at the new Fanshawe campus in downtown London. Digital Echidna is proud to have played a small role in supporting this event as a community sponsor.

And we're very supportive of the notion of Open Data in general, as Andrew spoke about a couple of months ago. 

As you may know (because we've talked about it a lot), Digital Echidna is committed to the idea of open data, open-source, and open science. We believe strongly in the value of the open-source community and it is our commitment to Drupal, an open-source content management system, which has help propel our company's growth over the past few years.

Choose whatever aphorism you want to use: many hands make light work, a rising tide lifts all boats... open technologies allow us to benefit from the dedication of many people, working together, towards a common good.

In technology, we balance innovation with user experience -- ensuring that the needs of the end user are paramount. With open data, the concept is the same -- balancing facts and data with humanity and ensuring that solutions are based in logic and fact, but rooted in compassion.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some exciting information about our involvement with the Islandora (an open-source digital repository system) community. You'll read an interview I had the pleasure of doing with Islandora founder Mark Leggott, currently the executive director Research Data Canada, about the future of Islandora and how Drupal organizations, such as Echidna, are at the cusp of a market that's ready to take off. You'll learn about the work we did with CWRC. And our own Luke Bainbridge will share his thoughts on the work he's done within the Islandora community and what opportunities abound.

If you get a chance, please join us at the Go Open Data Conference. And if you have any questions about Open Source or Islandora that you'd like answered, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

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