Money Is Nice, But That's Not All It Takes: Motivation At Work

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We all work in increasingly fast-paced environments, face tighter deadlines, and have to sort through competing priorities to manage expectations from multiple stakeholders. Intrinsic motivational factors help people push themselves to reach a goal or objective. Here is what some of our staff had to say when asked what motivates them.

Amanda, UX Design & Front-End Development Lead


The feeling of progress, satisfaction of a job well done

When I have a good amount of tickets lined up, all with great instructions and understanding on my end, all with reasonable due dates. Knowing I can complete all tasks without stopping to get information or having any 'blockers'. 


Ellen, RFP Response Writer


A challenge and sense of accomplishment

The morning of an RFP submission! Projects with deadlines give me a sense of urgency and purpose.


Emily, Project Coordinator

Opportunity for growth and development

When I get the chance to take a mistake I've made and use it to make improvements; when my team is engaged, invested and enjoying working on the project! When I'm working with a client that's within a specific industry that I'm really interested in, such as travel / tourism / attractions. 


Melissa, Technical Project Coordinator

A chance to recharge, music

In the mornings after taking a yoga / meditation break, or when listening to scores from favourite movies / video games. 



Pat, Sales / Business Manager

Making connections

Definitely not the day after the Sharks lose in game 6 with 3 of their top players not able to play. :(  Seriously though, the work is complex but trying to make sure every pitch, demo, or meeting - even tough ones, end on a positive note or with some kind of connection. 


Serena, Web Developer

Team spirit

When it feels as if the project is on fire and I'm doubting myself, but then client thinks the site looks great and QA proves my code is solid, boss says we are amazing and dinner on the house for anyone working overtime!


Travis, Project Development Manager


When I have lots of tickets and no delays/blockers. That is a great day. Knowing clients are that much closer to using something we both initially imagined.

Self-motivation is a power that drives us to keep moving ahead. When you came home feeling that you'd had a good day, what kind of tasks or projects had you tackled? What kept you focused and motivated?




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