Echidnas Flocking to Baltimore for DrupalCon

An image of a Drupal Drop bursting through the wall like the Kool-Aid man.

To paraphrase Edgar Allan Poe, "Tis some Echidnas tapping at the Baltimore Convention Centre door -- only this and nothing more."

That's right, this weekend a couple dozen Echidnas will be busy packing and preparing to hit the road bright and early Monday morning to attend DrupalCon Baltimore from Apr. 24-28. The Echidnas will descend upon the land of Poe, the Star Spangled Banner, and Cal Ripken Jr. to spend five days at this annual event.

We are happy to attend and support events like this. We're a Silver-level sponsor of DrupalCon Baltimore, which is the world's largest Drupal-themed event and draws attendees from all over the globe. There are 12 session tracks, covering topics like UX, project management, PHP, and DevOps. And there are 175 speakers on hand.

Most importantly, events like this allow us to give and receive so much: we teach and we learn; we experience and we share; we arrive as a group and we meet new colleagues; and we contribute to the open-source community and we take back new knowledge, opportunities, and experiences that help us grow and improve as a company.

As an open-source technology, Drupal is only as strong as those who support it. Fortunately, Drupal's community is one of the most robust in the world and benefits from an incredible array of talented, dedicated, and committed contributors who work diligently to make this the CMS of choice for web solutions around the world.

We are strongly supportive of this community because Drupal has been the foundation of our growth. Whether it's sending staff to present at events and camps, or attending just for the sheer joy of learning, growing, and improving, Digital Echidna is honoured to be a part of this community and we believe the benefits show in our clients' satisfaction with our work.

We're looking forward to seeing a number of friends -- both old and new -- at DrupalCon Baltimore next week. We hope to see you there.

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