Echidnas are Florida Bound for DrupalCamp

An image of a treasure map leading to a Drupal Drop.

While many Canadians may be in the midst of the February blahs, a handful of Echidnas will be leaving the snow/rain/snow/rain behind later this week and will be Orlando-bound as they attend Florida DrupalCamp.

The event is going to have a distinctly Canadian feel to it, despite it being held south of the 49th. Not only is Digital Echidna a gold sponsor of Florida DrupalCamp, but a pair of our team members will be presenting at the event.

Development manager Yan Zhang will be presenting, "Building a Cohesive Drupal Team" at the event. Echidna developer (and Drupal core contributor) Scott Reeves has a pair of presentations on tap: "One Step at a Time: Lessons Learned from Drupal Newbie to Core Committer" and "The Drupal 8 Theming Experience."

And, of course, Victor Harris will be on hand working to make connections and spread the Echidna name.

As you may have read in Fatima’s post last week, these events are amazing community-building opportunities. And community is truly at the heart of Drupal.

As an open-source content management system, Drupal is powered -- and gets its power -- by the dedication, talent, experience, and knowledge of a constantly growing team of developers who are working together to improve the product each and every day.

It’s why we’ve embraced Drupal over a proprietary system. No individual team is going to have the resources, diversity, and sheer volume of ideas, testers, and contributors that an open-source product like Drupal has. It’s why many of the world’s top names have embraced Drupal and it’s why we’re so passionate about giving back to the community through time, money, and resources.

Our Echidnas may be heading to the land of sunshine, but there’s going to be a lot of work going on. It’s important work that helps to lay the foundation of Drupal’s future. And it’s why we’re proud to support events like Florida DrupalCamp through sponsorship, attendance, and participation!

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