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A parody of the Look Who's Talking Too poster, with a Drupal Drop and an Echidna serving as the replacement for the babies over the title "Look Who's Drupaling Too"

If you've ever been to the top of One London Place and looked out, you can see why we're called The Forest City. At the ground level, it's easy to miss seeing that forest for the trees. You may see the odd tree here and there, but it's only from a broader perspective that you can see what's there.

Every forest starts with one tree. Slowly it – and those around it – grows, and what was once a pretty barren landscape is transformed with strong, majestic trees. We're seeing that same growth with Drupal.

I've been committed to Drupal for many years. At Digital Echidna, we are committed to Drupal and have been for a long time. For a while there, we were alone in the wilderness in a lot of ways, but recently I took a look around the landscape and was pleased to realize that London has a rich and fertile Drupal ecosystem upon which we can grow.

Digital Echidna has been a Drupal-focused shop for a number of years, but a variety of our friends, colleagues, and competitors also develop on Drupal, including (but not limited to:)

Some use Drupal more than others, but their involvement has helped to foster a really exciting and positive environment for Drupal in London. Combine that with ventures like the London Ontario Drupal Users Group (LonDUG) and the support of our technology advocates at all levels of government, and we're well on our way to positioning London as a go-to hub for Drupal development.

It's interesting, because in talking with potential clients I hear a couple of misconceptions and half-truths about Drupal. They've been told:

"Not a lot of people are using Drupal"

That list above shows you the statement's just not true. And let's not forget the fact that nearly a million sites are using Drupal Core, including marquee names like The White House, various Government of Canada ministries, MSNBC, and the like. Locally, Drupal's been embraced by the Budweiser Gardens, Fanshawe College, the London Convention Centre, and LHSC. People are using Drupal.

"Drupal's too tech focused. You can't design with it"

Look at that list of local companies who use Drupal and tell me that we're not doing some amazing things with design. Drupal is powerful and there's a learning curve, but we see people come in every month to LonDUG events who have built their own Drupal sites. It's not just for big shops and agencies.

We proud to be an active part of this robust Drupal community. We can see The Forest City is made up of some strong and continually growing trees. And it all adds up to a healthy environment for development, innovation, and future success!

We don't want to leave anyone out, so if you're using Drupal in your development efforts let us know and we'll add you to the list. Send an e-mail to [email protected] as we'd love to know that you're using Drupal!

(editor's note: The list of firms using Drupal is subject to change. We want to keep it as current as possible, so we reserve the right to add or delete as information is provided to us! Thanks!)

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