Ask your web developer this question...

"Is my site coded with a table-less design?"

While table-less web design has been around for years a large number of web developers still don't see the merit in keeping up with the latest trends. This is likely due to the fact that table-less design is harder to learn and implement while the end presentation of the site looks 100% the same to the client. So why take the extra effort to design a site the right way when the client won't even notice the difference? Here are a few reasons:

  • Size - table-less design reduces files sizes. While size of pages isn't at the forefront of developers minds due to increased download speeds of late, size of files can play an important role in maintainability and search engine optimization - see the next two points:
  • Maintainability - less code to maintain makes your site easier to maintain which saves you money. Table-less design allows designers to quickly shift your web content to new positions on your site with minimal effort. The claim that your whole site has to be redesigned just because you want to change a few items on the home page just isn't acceptable in this day and age.
  • Search Engine Optimization - everyone wants their site to rank well on search engines. A major factor to ranking well is letting search engines know which words are important on your pages. Smaller pages with less code make your keywords stand out.
  • Accessibility - have you ever thought about what your site may look like to someone who is visually impaired? Most clients assume this small demographic of society may not be worth the investment to service via their website. When sites are coded with table-less design techniques they can quickly be tweaked to be viewable by screen readers, PDA and mobile phones. For minimal extra work you can get your site servicing all types of users.

So in summary - make sure your web developer is utilizing the latest techniques to keep you on the cutting edge of web development. Many people can produce web pages - make sure you are trusting a team that does it correctly!



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