Obama and the Internet

Raising campaign funds in excess of $639 million with the average donation of just $86 would have seemed impossible only four years ago. But this is 2008 and buzz words like social media and viral campaigns fill the evening news wire. The Obama campaign recognized this fact and started to organize early - barackobama.com was registered on Dec 28, 2004.

The Obama campaign’s use of the Internet to organize supporters and to reach voters has been cited as playing a large role in upending how presidential races are fought.

- NY Times

Embracing technology the Obama campaign delivered their message inexpensively through popular Internet tools such as:

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • YouTube

The lesson learned? If you are adept at crafting messages that your viewers embrace, they in turn will do the leg work in spreading that message through all the tools at their disposal.

Now if only he can live up to the hype - no pressure.



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